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Throwing my hat over the fence

This is a post to inform you all, that I have migrated my platform to Substack –


This is kind of a big deal to me. Hence why I see this little migration from one platform to another, as “Throwing my hat over the fence” . Continue reading

The Human Condition and Self-Destructive Behavior

Of course I recognize that there is a self-destructive streak in every person. Some, more prominent than others. I sometimes need to pause and remind myself of why I don’t want to sabotage something, and I look back and realize, many different occurrences over the course of my “illustrious” life,  where I did. In the end, it turned out to be okay. At the very least it was okay in the sense that, I survived and I was given a new set of choices to play out from the consequences of my prior choices. Continue reading


The thing is, if I’m not continuing to write, then I’m a hypocrite. That’s one thing I try not to be with my students. Goofy! Yes sometimes I am, as they very much are too. LOL. But, if I’m asking them to repeatedly do something that I haven’t been doing as of late…which I actually enjoy doing…well, that doesn’t sit well with me.  Continue reading

People, Humanity & God

We need more of the humaneness in humanity and less of the people in people. Continue reading


I have just deliberately been trying on self-love! And honestly, I’m not particularly good at it. But, here’s the other funny thing…it doesn’t fucking matter that I’m not good at it! LOL. That revelation right there is more freeing than anything Continue reading

Who are you going to be spending the most time with in 2019?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. – Jim Rohn Continue reading

In Praise of Self-Praise!

For myself, as an official first year teacher (prior to this year I was subbing, which doesn’t quite count the same); I am hungry for praise. Heck, I’m hungry for anything. But, truthfully – sometimes I wish my… Continue reading

Encyclopedia of the Podcasts I have Listened to

As I am always sharing various podcasts with people, and suggesting episodes for people to listen to, I was inspired to write this blog post as a reference point for various podcasts I like and often suggest and share with others. Continue reading

Why I Write!

I write to gain clarity for myself.

I write to explain myself.

I write to feed my soul.

I write as a form of self-expression.

I write to share myself!

I write because I enjoy it! Continue reading

The 5 Books I have gifted the most

<Disclaimer if you enjoy the content you are about to read please “FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE”. Also, please share this with your family/friends and be sure to visit my home page and/or other categories for more excellent content> I love book giving! I haven’t given books out at the same frequency as I have before, this is partially … Continue reading

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