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People, Humanity & God

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PEOPLE (def): human beings in general or considered collectively.

People are complicated. People are violent. People are volatile. People are directionless. People don’t know who they are. People who don’t know who they are, want others to figure them out. People who are people pleasers, struggle the most with the people who want others to figure them out. People act out of spite. People act out of anger. People go back to old habits and ways of being they are used to but don’t serve them well. People suck! But, over-all people are people. 

HUMANITY (def): the human race; human beings collectively.

Humanity is humble. Humanity is compassionate Humanity is humane. Humanity is kind. Humanity is forgiving. Humanity is forever striving for excellence. Humanity is godly. Humanity allows you to be in touch with your innermost feelings, even when those feelings make you super-duper uncomfortable and feel completely vulnerable. Humanity gives you courage. Humanity is what continues to connect people together and prevents people from making each other go extinct. We need more of the humaneness in humanity and less of the people in people. 

I write as a vessel for God to convey my feelings, which I so greatly struggle to convey to my fellow people. I come up woefully short in God’s eyes on so many levels, yet I still stand tall and take responsibility for where I am less than who I know myself to be. I’m not only flawed, but I’m angry. I’m frustrated. I’m sad. I feel at a loss. Yet, when my world spins the most upside down, is when I feel closest to God. It’s not out of joy, which in many ways is quite selfish. But, rather when I feel the most low, and I want to question everything, and truly feel sorry for myself. This is when the presence of God is strongest in me. I realize, in these moments I need to be the strongest. I need to be strong for every single person that is counting on me today, tomorrow and for the rest of the week or even for the rest of the year or even years to come. 

I come up woefully short far too many times. I have failed people in my life. I have failed in romantic relationships in my life. I have failed at communicating simple things that could make my life infinitely easier. And in-spite of my failure, I recognize that I will come back. I might have to work extra hard to pick myself back up. I might have to even pick myself up inch by inch to come back. But, I will always come back. It’s my gift to myself. Once I can’t come back, I hope it is when I’m old, grey and fully used up for this world. If I’m lucky that won’t be for another 50-60 years. Either way, I will come back! 


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