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What does “The Truman Show” and “Facebook” have in common?

What does the movie the “Truman Show” & FB have in common? I’ll answer for you, everything

Since FB has gotten such sophisticated algorithms through its artificial intelligence, we now literally have our social media programmed to what we like and what we follow. If you ever wondered why your conservative friend or liberal friend seems to live on a different planet than you….it’s because he or she does. If you want to learn more about the whole premise of what I’m saying, then check out the “Social Dilemma” on Netflix, as it is sure to stir up all sorts of different thoughts and ideas within you, and your ideas on yours and your kids social media consumption.


 PS – If you enjoyed this post of mine, and are curious to read more about matters of interest to me, that intersect in society, you might enjoy this one.  https://joshoffthepress.com/2019/10/15/the-nba-china-a-geo-political-affair/

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