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Why more people should be gravely concerned!

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What infuriates me more than anything about this Tax Bill is that I don’t feel like I have a say in how this thing will go. I just have to be at the mercy of a few merciful Republicans to do the right thing (pretty much all of whom are older and white, as well as mostly male).

A lot of people in this Country are “Stupid” when it comes to race relations and are blindly complicit to White Supremacy. Well, this bill is a prime example of White Supremacy. It’s a grab bag of goodies for old white people, where younger people in this Country (who are majority black and brown) will have to pay it back.

If by some great intervention this bill won’t pass, it will be a good day. But, just know the debate around this piece of crap bill, has already further damaged whatever credibility our Country has left in aspiring to be a “Meritocracy”. It’s a damn shame that I ask my student to rise every day to pledge to a flag to respect a Country that has feckless, self-serving, lying and criminal leaders.

This is a very dark period in our Country’s History, and the saddest part is all this stuff happening is just setting in motion much starker and bleaker problems. If history is any guide, the America I was born into simply will cease to exist in my life-time. That’s a fucking scary thought!


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2 thoughts on “Why more people should be gravely concerned!

  1. What this really is is a plan by Ryan and Rubio to destroy Healthcare and SS and Medicaid in one Fell Swoop. The only way this can be paid for even in part is to knock down to the bare bones Medicaid and plunder Medicare. It will be brutal next year and that was the REAL plan all along. The election of Trump had consequences even Trump didn’t get. Ryan and Rubio are behind this power grab and it takes ALL the Social Services and rips them to shreds. If a handful of GOPers don’t stop this we are fucked. My guess is that it will pass especially after McCiin’s endorsement today.


    Posted by Luke Fawcett | December 1, 2017, 12:29 am


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