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Josh off the Press – Has officially moved! Find him at JoshPressJakes.Substack.com

Hello everybody!

This is a post to inform you all, that I have migrated my blog/platform to Substack:


When I started writing here on wordpress over five years ago, I knew I had a voice that I wanted to translate to the written word. I am pleased to say, I have done this successfully. Thank you everyone who has ever visited me on this page and took the time out to get to know me through this blog.

Almost all of my published work from January 2017 through April 14th, 2022, will still be held here. But, this is now an archived website.


All work from January 01, 2017 through April 15, 2022 can be found both here and on Substack. All work from April 16, 2022 moving forward will exclusively be on Substack at – https://joshpressjakes.substack.com/

Please visit me there, and SUBSCRIBE!

-JPJ 🙂

About JoshoffthePress

Find me at --> https://joshpressjakes.substack.com/ I have moved my website/blog to SUBSTACK. Find me at --> https://joshpressjakes.substack.com/ This is now a static page, find me at --> https://joshpressjakes.substack.com/


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