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Monday “FUN-DAY” Quarterback: How many NFL QBs have started in “multiple” Super Bowls?

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Amazingly there are only seven Quarterbacks in NFL History to have gone to start in 4 or more Super Bowls. This means that  just over 13% of the time you will have at least one of these Quarterbacks playing in the Super Bowl. Well only one of them is still playing in the league today, can you guess which one* ? And out of these seven Quarterbacks only one of them has never won a Super Bowl**. Which is beyond baffling! 

*TOM BRADY (of course)!

[*Tom Brady on “My Greatest Honor” ]

“Super Bowl Starting QBs W/L Record: 4 or more starts”

*<>Tom Brady 6-3

John Elway 2-3

Joe Montana 4-0

Terry Bradshaw 4-0 

Peyton Manning 2-2

Roger Staubach 2-2

Jim Kelly** 0-4 (OUCH!)


Out of 104 Quarterbacks to start in a Super Bowl → seven have consistently been the same.  There have been another five Quarterbacks who have started in at least 3 Super Bowls.

“Super Bowl Starting QBs W/L Record: 3 starts”

Troy Aikman 3-0 

<>Ben Roethlisberger 2-1

Bob Griese 2-1

Kurt Warner 1-2

Fran Tarkenton 0-3 (OUCH!)

Out of 104 Quarterbacks to start in a Super Bowl —> Twelve have consistently been the same for a rate just above 31%. And then there are eight Quarterbacks who have started in at least two Super Bowls, to round out to 20 for a rate of roughly 38.5 %.  Out of 20 Quarterbacks who have played in two or more Super Bowls, how many are still the league<>? This list will grow! The current remaining QBs in the league with multiple Super Bowl appearances, might not ever see another Super Bowl again, (or they might). But, there is almost certainly at least one Super Bowl “***QB winner” on everyone’s heals, who is poised to make more Super Bowl runs, and soon!


“Super Bowl Starting QBs W/L Record: 2 starts”

Eli Manning 2-0

Jim Plunkett 2-0 

Bart Starr 2-0 

<>Russell Wilson 1-1

Brett Favre 1-1

Joe Theismann 1-1

Len Dawson 1-1

Craig Morton 0-2 (mini ouch)

https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/giants-eli-manning-voted-overrated-qb-players-poll-article-1.3572785 .  In some ways, Eli’s 2-0 Super Bowl Record and 2 Super Bowl MVPs are more shocking than Jim Kelly going 0-4 in the Super Bowl…actually I think it’s shocking in almost every way!

<>https://www.nfl.com/news/ben-roethlisberger-vs-russell-wilson-who-will-win-more-rings-0ap3000000498821. As of the start of the 2020 NFL season, there are three active QBs with two or more Super Bowl starts; Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Russell Wilson <>.


No disrespect to Aaron Rodgers, as he is still a tremendous talent, and a first ballot hall of fame Quarterback. He very well might be on this multiple time Super Bowl QB starter list, before this season is all said and done. But, in this piece…he didn’t quite make the cut. Nor did another first ballot hall of famer, Drew Brees. Although it’s hard to imagine him making it to another Super Bowl as a starter, despite his team’s numerous opportunities, these past two seasons.

Ah! The QB Position, among America’s most heralded leadership posts anyone can think of, other than a military commander, or POTUS. At least that’s what I think about when I measure up the Quarterback to other positions of tremendous power and authority.


PS – Drew Brees always did know how to hype up his Troops! Despite, later on some of his unfortunate transgressions


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